Ira Muturi

Manager, Design Team

All Star Since:
January 2015

Ira is the Senior Web Designer at All Star. She designs and develops the visual branding and design layouts for the All Star web products, social media, and sales/marketing.

Ira came from, where she worked on both the U.S. and International sites, developing visual brand as well as internal marketing to bring consistency to the brand perception. She also worked as a digital designer, creating lots of advertising and campaign pieces for the sales/marketing team for Allrecipes’ clients for almost a decade. Before Allrecipes, she worked at Seattle Parks and Recreation as a print designer for the city of Seattle.

Everyone at All Star really makes Ira feel at home. She loves the flexible schedule, really awesome benefits, and also all the fun things that the committee has planned ahead, such as the putt-putt tournament, the cook-off competitions, and the annual scavenger hunt.

Ira holds a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication Design from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Ira supports children’s international non-profit organizations and feels that when it comes to helping out a child in need, it’s essential to put her whole heart into it.

In her spare time, Ira loves visiting museums, traveling, calligraphy, illustration, and watercolor for fun and side projects.