Alexander Nguyen

Front-End Developer
All Star Since: September, 2016 Team: Technology

Alexander works with All Star’s technology team as a front-end web developer.

Alexander graduated from high school in 2014 and went on to finish up a web development boot camp in early 2015, where he had his first experience with code. He has been working in the tech industry as a developer ever since. Before coming to All Star he worked at at Unikrn Co., a Seattle-based eSports gambling startup. He started there as an intern, but after one month was promoted to a junior then mid-level position. While there, Alexander helped launch global product, and managed several projects with the company’s marketing and design teams. Prior to Unikrn, he worked at Crown Social Agency, a small design firm where he helped build out an in-house Twitter analytics aggregator tool. Outside of work, Alexander enjoys playing competitive video games like Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Overwatch, seeing concerts at small dingy venues, playing the guitar and piano, and taking online courses. He is also into high-end—typically Japanese—designer fashion.