Andre Griggs

Account Representative

All Star Since:
November 2022


In his All Star account representative role, Andre supports the account managers by keeping track of—and updating—customer accounts and budgets.

Prior to All Star, Andre was a sales lead for Super Supplements and helped customers by suggesting products that best fit their health concerns. About his time as a sales lead he says, “I was able to maintain sales goals and help train new health enthusiasts during a transitional period in our management team.” He was also a fulfillment associate for Apex Facility Resources and worked with Amazon to complete fulfillment requests for Amazon employees.

His favorite part about working at All Star is the people, saying, “People have been genuinely excited to have me join the team. In my first week there wasn’t a single moment where I felt like I couldn’t reach out to anyone about anything!”

Andre graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Seattle Pacific University in 2020.

During his undergraduate years and after graduation, he spent his summers working with the Restorative Justice League Nonprofit Organization based in Central Valley, California, where he served as a group leader, trainer and organizer.

Outside of work, Andre like to read, game and play/learn musical instruments. He loves “popping over to a random brewery or walking my dog if it isn’t pouring rain.” He also enjoys most sports but mainly watches football (Raaaaaiideeerrs!), Formula 1 and basketball.