Charles Liu

Scrum Master

All Star Since:
February, 2018

Charles is a Scrum Master at All Star, working with the Attain™ team.

Prior to working at All Star, Charles was a PM at Autel Robotics and helped transform the waterfall team to Agile. He was also a Scrum Master and tester at Thomson Reuter, helping with process improvement and QA. He has helped Costco modernize its IT systems, created an Intranet site for Xbox Live Arcade, and been an Agile Consultant at SolutionsIQ.

His favorite part about working at All Star is the beautiful office, and smart, respectful colleagues.

Charles holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from Washington State University (Go Cougs!).

In his spare time he appreciates trying new recipes and organizing foodie meetings, hopes to golf more, and enjoys hanging out with his lovely wife, Sylvia.