Meriel Mayo

UX Designer

All Star Since:
May 2015

Meriel helps support All Star’s communication efforts and marketing goals by applying her UX design skills to products, software application development, and All Star’s stable of websites. 

Meriel began at All Star as a visual designer, where she designed and created visual branding assets for products, websites, social media, sales, and marketing. Prior to All Star, Meriel started out in Marketing, but her visual and creative nature caused her to switch to design. She has worked in design for several years, most recently as a Web Builder for Cobalt where she migrated and built websites, created new content and image assets, and maintained/updated/organized the image asset library.

Meriel loves that she can learn something new with each new project. She has become a lot more innovative when it comes to visual problem solving and is growing in her ability to be a visual storyteller.

Meriel loves that everybody at All Star is very open and passionate about their work. She enjoys the many company events that bring everybody closer together.

Meriel has a Bachelor’s in Communications and Sociology as a double major from the University of Washington.

Recently, Meriel did some volunteer design work for Habitat for Humanity creating collateral for their 2015 Benefit Luncheon. Outside of work, Meriel loves exploring new places, relaxing on the beach, or doing some kind of outdoor activity (when it’s nice out). She also loves playing with her two fluffy bunnies.