Michelle Le

Lead Software Engineer

All Star Since:
October 2016

Michelle is currently Lead Software Engineer at All Star after working as a Web developer.

Prior to All Star, Michelle was an application developer at Intel, where she worked on deploying microsites and incorporating Single Sign On into the platform. Previously, she interned for a summer as a software engineer at the Department of Revenue in Tumwater, WA, where she fleshed out a calendar application that displayed pending and approved leave requests for the management team.

Her favorite thing about working at All Star is how the company takes care of its employees. She feels the benefits are “superb” and that everyone is really nice and collaboration comes naturally here. “It’s a great place to learn and grow,” she says.

Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics from the University of Washington’s Information School.

During her University of Washington college years, she served as Vice Chair for Women in Informatics UW and as Vice Chair and Campus Outreach Officer for the Asian Coalition for Equality.

In her spare time, Michelle loves to play tennis, crochet, karaoke Vietnamese bolero songs, and is interested in graphic design. She  likes being involved in social justice work, especially around the Asian American community.