Pawan Deep Singh

Data Analyst II

All Star Since:
February 2020

Pawan builds data flows, scripts, and pipelines to integrate data, enhance All Star’s Data Warehousing capabilities, and create reports that help drive the business toward success.

Pawan previously worked for technology transformation companies in India and Ohio, and he brings six years of experience as a Data Engineer and BI Engineer to All Star. His experience focused on verticals such as banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Pune University in India, and a Master’s in Information Systems from the University of Cincinnati.

Pawan’s favorite part about working at All Star is his “awesome team.” He appreciates the open work culture, which he calls “really motivating,” and allows him to take on tasks independently while also providing mentorship and guidance when needed. He says the location has a “great view,” and he likes the company culture of snacks, games, and the organizational values that each employee brings to the table.

When he’s not working, Pawan enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends. He loves watching (and playing) cricket, and has a considerable stamp and coin collection which he has built over the years, and shares and exchanges with like-minded collectors.