Thiviya Ganesharaja

UX/UI Designer

All Star Since:
September 2020


Thiviya works as a UX/UI designer, assessing All Star’s core site user needs, and improving user experience through design methodologies and collaboration with stakeholders.

Prior to coming to All Star, Thiviya worked as a UX designer at ad agencies, animation schools, a fashion apparel company, and for Amazon.

Her favorite part about working at All Star is the opportunity for growth and the very friendly work atmosphere.

Thiviya earned her Bachelor of Science in ICT & Media from the South Asian Institute of Technology & Medicine in
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Outside of work, Thiviya is a regular blood donor and also volunteers at several NGOs because she “strongly believes in giving back to the community,” which she adds, “makes me happy.”

Thiviya is a self-proclaimed people person and a passionate photographer, mainly into wildlife and food photography. In her spare time she enjoys crafts such as wood carving, clay modeling, and “making useful things out of waste products.” Thiviya also creates designs for her friends for their personal and professional use.