This Site Is So Good, It’s Criminal

What’s that sound coming from your computer?

It could be the ring of authority from All Star’s freshly redesigned

Where once the site—first launched in 2002—looked a lot like our others, now it’s dialed in to degree-seekers with justice on their minds. Whether they’re pursuing programs in policing or paralegal studies, forensic science or homeland security, the message to students is clear: “This could be you.”

Designer Meriel Mayo was charged with revamping the visual look and feel of the site, and she knocked it out of the park. In creating the new designs, she took her cues from the All Star personas. “I wanted to appeal to them,” she says, “and keep it as simple as possible.”

Her biggest effort went into the site’s homepage, now dominated by criminal justice pros striking power poses:

new-criminal-justice-homepageHere’s how the page looked before the re-brand launched on Monday, September 21:


To give crim-jay its new-found clout, Meriel created this serous-minded logo to cement the message:



From there, she made “seals” for each of the site’s hub home pages, including forensics…




…and several more.

The site also pops with custom images by Steve Bartlett. Look for familiar faces, including Lala Gusakov, keeping an eye on the borders:


Here’s Kelly Hancock, our poster woman for policing…


…and Nate Thramer, on the job for Homeland Security:


Meanwhile, the content team wordsmith-ed the content for the site’s hub home pages. Not satisfied with online research, content editor Scott Blaufeux has an armload of light reading at his desk, including such titles as “Youth Violence and Delinquency” and “Forensic Psychology.”

But there were some topics Scott didn’t need to research. He worked as a paralegal at Safeco Insurance for eight years. With his hard-won knowledge, “I can write more intuitively about the things that paralegal students care about,” he says.

The entire process of overhauling the site, from branding and visual design to wireframing and coding, took about three weeks. The effort involved more than two dozen All Stars, including teams from marketing, product, technology, content and sales.

“It was fun,” says Meriel of the project. She’s especially excited to take on our next big effort, a built-from-scratch WordPress site that will showcase technology schools and programs.

Until then, look for the freshly rebranded, coming up next!

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