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website-laptopWhat’s the difference between a therapist and a psychologist? How do you become a professional counselor? What do social workers do? How much does a clinical psychologist make? Get the answers to these questions and more on the new AllPsychologySchools.com.

We had so much fun—and got such positive input—from updating NaturalHealers.com that we thought we’d do it again, this time for one of the leading websites for prospective students looking to study psychology, social work, counseling or therapy.

All Star experts in design, usability, content and development reworked the site from top to bottom, starting with our branding, which now reflects our visitors’ passions: curious about the human mind but never neglecting the compassion they need to help others. (Kudos to Ira Muturi, our senior web designer, for our great new branding.)

But the top priority, as always, was improving the site for our visitors. We now offer more in-depth content than ever before, with infographics that have a powerful impact.

The main page for each area of interest explains what practitioners do, and contains infographics with up-to-date salary information, and the personality traits and skills you’ll need to succeed in each profession. And if the career you’re reading about isn’t quite right, we offer other suggestions so you can find a career that meets your needs and goals.

apsy infographicWhile we were at it, we streamlined navigation and put links to related articles in logical places so people can easily get the information they need. Everything that someone would want to know before deciding on a career in the mental-health professions is now in one central location.

“We’re very excited about our new site,” says Scott Blaufeux, content manager for AllPsychologySchools.com. “It’s not only more appealing, but better organized so people can be more efficient when they visit.”

The revamped site debuted on August 13th and was the culmination of another great team effort. All Star’s senior user-experience product manager Michelle Nelson kept the momentum going during the migration. “The collaborative effort on this site was really amazing,” she adds. “Rebranding NaturalHealers.com taught us a lot, and we took those learnings forward. The result? A better website for all.”

This redesign and site migration is the second in a series of projects that the All Star team is eager to undertake as we continue to improve the user experience, and increase organic traffic and SEO leads. Up next: AllCriminalJusticeSchools.com and AllEducationSchools.com. Stay tuned.

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