A Day in the Life at All Star: Doug Brown


Ever wonder what your colleagues in other departments are working on all day? Welcome to the fifth in our “Day in the Life” series, featuring Doug Brown in his new, post-CEO role.

Name: Doug Brown

Title: Executive Chairman

All Star since:  2005

Sailboat name: Mary Ann (after a cute brunette he’s known for a while)

First job: Creating a new student government when he was 15

Philosophy: “The laughter of grandchildren is life’s greatest gift and the camaraderie of old friends is its greatest reward.”

“I was the CEO of All Star for 10 chaotic years,” says Doug, “five of them in growth mode and five of them in contraction.” Now that he’s stepped down from the corporate helm, is it time to relax with the grandkids and work on his golf game? Not quite yet. Doug is our new executive chairman, serving with the board of directors and assisting successor Bill Hummel through the leadership transition.

“I spent more than nine years working with Bill in a very demanding environment,” says Doug of his hand-picked successor. “He’s a disciplined thinker who’s also grounded, passionate and ethical.”

With the day-to-day company leadership in Bill’s capable hands, Doug is focusing his energy on researching industry trends and monitoring customer performance. As a former venture capitalist and finance expert, “I pay close attention to the fortunes of our major accounts,” he says.

Tapering his time in the All Star offices to two or three days each week, Doug maintains real enthusiasm for working in an employee-owned company with a team that’s big on collaboration. In his new role, his duties include:

  • Participating as a senior staff member in guiding the company’s path
  • Engaging with clients and channel partners to maintain important long-term business relationships
  • Attending trade shows (such as the upcoming LeadsCon) and visiting major accounts to provide supplier and client continuity
  • Serving as our principal spokesperson to financial markets, fielding occasional calls from competitors and investment bankers probing for news about All Star
  • Exploring mission-expanding new product ideas for All Star with other leaders and consultants

MA - HuskiesDoug also plays a consultative role with our new CEO. “It does get desperately lonely at the top,” he says. “Bill will always have someone to talk to.”

What won’t he miss about his former job? He’s happy to turn over the responsibility of arbitrating the tensions that naturally arise on any energetic team of committed players.

And as for that sailboat?

She’s transported Doug and crew to each Husky home football game for 20 years, but otherwise rarely leaves the dock. “It’s time to sail or sell,” says Doug. Ever the numbers guy, he’s set a quantifiable goal for himself: Either sail 20 times this year, or find a new harbor for the Mary Ann.

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