Happy Holidays from All Star’s ACES


Guest blog author Michelle Nelson is All Star’s Senior UX Product Manager and a key member of the Mandatory Fun Committee.

At All Star, we know a thing or two about having a good time, and the holiday season is a great excuse to show off one of our favorite values, “celebration.”

Tree of Gratitude

I loved this project. What a good way to be mindful of the season! What are you thankful for? Family, running water, and universal healthcare were some of the leaves on our wall.

We had so much to reflect on that the weight of our happiness literally tore our tree from the wall. Don’t worry, we’re now grateful for thumbtacks.

Sock Drive, partnering with the Bread of Life mission

As soon as we announced our partnership with the Bread of Life mission, CEO Doug Brown, suggested that All Star match each sock donation with a $2 contribution. Inspired by the generosity of our leadership team, ACES exceeded our 300-sock goal and have donated $1,338 and 669 pairs of socks to homeless people in Seattle this holiday season.

Read more about the Bread of Life Mission and the ways that your organization can give back.

Thanksgiving Potluck

What a feast!  We have a number of great cooks among our ranks, and it was wonderful to break bread and share a slice of turkey with our work-family.

But Lala, quit eating out of the bowl.

A Very Merry Holiday Party

In true All Star spirit, we used our end-of-the-year celebration as another opportunity to give back to our community. For the fourth year in a row, we are sponsoring youth in need via an organization called Treehouse, which provides foster kids the resources to graduate from high school. Not only are we collecting Christmas gift donations, we also collected an additional $400 donations at the party! Rock and roll, ACES.

Find out more about how you can help Washington’s 9,000 foster children, by getting involved with Treehouse.

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