Help! The Holidays Are Over, But I’m Still in Holiday Mode!


Guest blogger Michelle Nelson is the senior UX product manager for All Star.

We’re now three weeks into the new year, and, if you’re anything like me, you’re struggling to find something better than a 2pm coffee to get you back into the groove of things.

Here are my top 5 tips on getting re-motivated at work:

Do something silly or irreverent with your work space.

Bring in a plant, order yourself a new lamp from Amazon, or find yourself some funky desktop images. Add more pictures of kittens to your day. If you really need a kick in the pants, dedicate yourself to covering your neighbor’s desk in post-it notes. It takes an incredibly long time, which can be used for my second re-motivation tip: getting introspective.

Dip your toe in the pond of introspection.

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I like to take some time in January to look back at what I’ve accomplished (and procrastinated) during the last year. Your spark of inspiration might just come from remembering that all big projects take lots of incremental steps to cross the finish line. Remind yourself of the little wins, which helps bring clarity into how productive you actually are.

Focus on the future.

Think about that next big project you have coming up in Q1 (See tip #4), or, barring that, start collecting shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day. If you’re coming down from a holiday season that was less than relaxing, motivate yourself by planning your next trip, (or stay-cation day) and making it all about unwinding. “I think you need to have really good quality time off to recharge,” says All Star President & CEO Bill Hummel. Focus on the things that make you at peace with the world, so you can rock and roll when you’re on the clock.

Get organized and plan your attack.

I’m a huge fan of lists, and I’m not the only one. I like to have one list for the big things, one for the daily things, and one borne out of the random pile of papers that accumulate on my desk. Get your Monday moving by attacking the clutter, revisiting the different aspects of your workflow, and making a concise plan of action.  Concentrate on one goal at a time, but don’t forget to always keep that bigger picture clearly defined somewhere. When you feel like you’ve accomplished something, it’s a lot easier to love your job.  Which reminds me…

Remember why you love your job.

You may clash occasionally with a coworker, or think your boss can be unreasonable. But if you’re reading this there’s a solid chance your job isn’t something hard like roofing houses in the Arizona sun, right? Gratitude is happiness, and happiness is motivating. Get out of your chair and go tell someone that you appreciate them. Before you leave for the day, note the things that have gone well. Check back in on that crossed-off to-do list, or just reflect for 30 seconds on a few things you generally appreciate about your company. Even on the most challenging days, you can find one thing that went well.

If none of these tips help you get beyond that slumpy feeling, you could always try going to happy hour and binge eating on truffle fries.  But that didn’t work last year, did it?

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