Pedaling, Push-Ups & Prevention: All Stars Work It Out


The days may be getting shorter, but now is no time to hibernate. A bevy of workplace benefits is motivating All Stars to keep moving through the winter months.

On the Road

Statistically, November is Seattle’s rainiest month. But that hasn’t stopped 11 cyclists from joining the Ride in the Rain Challenge, an area-wide event that encourages commuters to take to two wheels. Krystal Dupar plans to bike to work in the morning and ride the bus for the uphill journey home. “It’s just more fun to be on a team,” says the senior account manager. “I wouldn’t be riding otherwise.”

As a company, All Star actively supports riders year round with secure bike storage and a nifty new bike rack on the fourth floor. The adjacent locker room offers plenty of storage (and a couple of oscillating fans) for damp bike clothes.

Any rider who logs just two trips in November will be treated to a team lunch, courtesy of the Mandatory Fun Committee.

In the Gym

Prefer to get your workouts indoors? All Star has you covered there, too. Back in September, we were selected to compete against other local businesses in Seattle Athletic Club’s annual Workplace Warrior Challenge. It’s a four-week feast of workouts in one of Seattle’s swankiest gyms—offered at no charge to participants.

Six All Stars (all of whom signed up before the September deadline) will be rocking the cardio room and sweating through trainer-led workouts. The collective goal: lose a greater percentage of pounds than the team fielded by Open Market, a local mobile platform provider.

Senior UX product manager Michelle Nelson is aiming to shed a few pounds and inject some discipline into her exercise routine. “I respond really well to public shaming from my peers when I fall short of a goal,” she says.

Healthy Year-Round Habits

duy-neck-stretchEven if these friendly competitions aren’t your cup of tea, All Star actively supports employee health year round. Especially unusual in these days of sky-high health care costs: The company pays 100 percent of each covered employee’s health insurance premiums.

We’ve even had a visit from Pinnacle Integrative Health, which recently shared wellness tips and energy-boosting breathing exercises over a lunch of gourmet sandwiches. The session was a win for campaign management specialist David Arrington: He’s already followed up for a free health consultation at the  Pinnacle offices.

Whether your interest lies in pedaling the pavement or preventing long-term problems, the All Star workplace wellness campaign is catching on. As account manager Kelly Hancock reflects, “These efforts may help prevent me from becoming another diabetic statistic.”

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