Tuning in to Technology Students


A 19-year-old named Tommy is apprenticing at my local salon. As he files my nails, he tells me that he’s saving to go school to study computer science.  He wants to be a developer, to build websites. I’m shocked. Not because a young Seattleite imagines a future as a web dev, but because he assumes he needs to spend tens of thousands of dollars to become one.

Tommy, and others like him, are the reason behind All Star’s newly launched TechnologyEducation.org. The site serves as an in-depth guide to prospective students hankering after technology degrees, certificates and other credentials. It’s a single, unified spot where budding computer programmers or game developers can navigate their choices for education.

Covering everything from network security to software app development, the site delivers practical information that’s directly relevant to 550 technology-driven programs offered by our school partners.

Tommy will uncover a treasure trove of tips and guidance designed with his needs in mind, such as:

  • the difference between web development and computer science
  • the job prospects for web developers
  • financial aid options
  • which certificates are best suited to which technology roles

And Technologyeducation.org takes a step beyond the hard data to give a flavor for the day-to-day work life within the technology field. For example, custom-designed icons showcase the ideal traits for game developers, network administrators and 12 other professions.  As he cruises the site, Tommy can ask himself if he’s…

more analytical…








…or, my favorite, adaptable.


As more students discover TechnologyEducation.org, the content team will burnish it with even more bells and whistles, such as fresh articles, a blog and profiles of real-life students. (Maybe we’ll even track Tommy’s progress!) In the meantime, we’re excited to reach more aspiring students with this powerful new tool.

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