Taking Paws to Think About the Animals

All Star Pet Food DriveIt doesn’t take much to love dogs—those big eyes, that wagging tail, the unconditional love—so it was an easy choice for All Star to make their latest philanthropy effort a pet food drive. Every year, the All Star Directories team donates to causes we are passionate about. It didn’t take long to choose Ginger’s Pet Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue based in Washington that specializes in saving Death Row Dogs, as the animal shelter we wanted to help. Ginger’s Pet Rescue was founded in 2006 by Ginger Luke after she rescued her first dog, and now over 10,000 dogs have been rescued locally, nationally and internationally. Their volunteers and foster parents aim to save the lives of dogs who’ve been abandoned, abused and who are going to be euthanized. For the month of February, our team brought in bags and cans of dog and cat food, aiming to reach our 100-mark goal. By the end of the month, we had surpassed our goal, collecting 123 bags and cans of pet food to cater to a variety of special animal diets. Because Ginger’s doesn’t have a physical rescue center, all donations help the foster families that generously house the animals until they are adopted and relocated. One extra special thing about Ginger’s Pet Rescue is that they perform “matchmaking” services—choosing the best family for every pet’s needs. “Since most of these local, non-profit rescues depend upon public support to survive, everything donated is a potential life-saver,” said Online Content Manager Paula Nechak. “If All Star’s good will keeps the door open another day, I’m thrilled we may have given a dog a chance to stay alive and find a home.” Ginger’s is always in need of food, pet supplies, volunteers, and any other kinds of donations that will help these animals have the good life they deserve. “I just wanted to help the animals,” said Web Designer Jamie Daez, whose dog, Stella, was also rescued through fostering services. “Even though I can’t adopt any right now, I still wanted to do my part to make these dogs happy. Every can of food helps!” If you’re a pet lover, consider putting your energy into this special rescue by volunteering, donating, covering adoption fees, fostering, or welcoming your very own family addition.

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