The Dogs of All Star

Take a walk down any Seattle street and you’re sure to be greeted with a wagging tail or a curious sniff. Dogs are everywhere we look, and the All Star Directories office is no exception. It’s no surprise that King County has marked a record-breaking adoption rate in the last year—an increase of 20%, which meant 2,992 animals were rescued in 2017. Now, the Regional Animal Service of King County has a pet-save rate of 92%. Many of our own were rescued locally too, but no matter where our All Stars’ dogs came from, they’re always showered with love and affection the moment they step off the elevator. We couldn’t imagine working without them. Here’s a look at our official Office Patrol Committee:
Name: Jaxson Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dear humans: I’m an old man at heart, I’d rather just curl up on my favorite humans and get pets all day. Favorite treat: I’ll eat everything, but I especially enjoy bones. ‘Pet’ peeve: Not getting the attention I deserve.
Name: Khloe Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Miniature Pinscher Mix Dear humans: Hi, I’m Khloe, and I love attention. My favorite thing to do is snuggle with my mom and 2 sisters on the couch while they watch TV; I usually just snooze. My sisters like to dress me in funny outfits and I pretend I don’t like it, but I secretly do. When I don’t get something my way at home, I definitely let it show…usually by leaving little surprises for them to clean up in the living room. My favorite outdoor activity is chasing squirrels and pigeons. When I see them, I lose my mind! I might be small, but I’m the dog “in charge” where ever I go—don’t let the sweet face fool you. I typically prefer humans over other dogs. Other dogs just don’t get me, except for Jaxson ❤. Favorite treat: Cheese and veggies. ‘Pet’ peeve: When my sister pokes at my nose.
Name: Goose Breed: Golden Retriever Dear humans: Friends call me Goo. I nap all day, ’til hooman comes, and then we play. She gives me treats which I do love, and sometimes gives me belly rubs. Favorite treat: Peanut butter bones. ‘Pet’ peeve: Being inside.
Name: Spencer Breed: Golden Retriever Dear humans: I am a goofy 2-year-old boy who loves walks, beaches, and rolling in dead/smelly things. Favorite treat: Dead crabs on the beach! Yum! Oh, and also peanut butter. ‘Pet’ peeve: The ice maker, the vacuum cleaner, and every metal grate on the downtown sidewalks.
Name: Bailey “Bae Bae” Thramer-Larson Breed: Golden Retriever Dear humans: Want to be friends? I am a social butterfly who makes human and fur friends where ever I go. At home, I keep my mom and dad on their toes, but I know they like the exercise. My favorite sport is swimming, and my mom and dad make sure I get lots of practice. I love anything that has to do with water, except when I have to get a bath. My favorite places are Edmonds Marine Beach Dog Park, Shoreview Park, and my Grandma and Grandpa’s. My best friends are my parents (of course), Cooper the Vizsla, and Koda the Husky. Favorite treat: Mom’s shoes. ‘Pet’ peeve: When my ball goes under the couch, but usually if I just bark long enough someone will get it for me.
Name: Cooper Breed: Poodle/Shih Tzu Dear humans: I’m the unofficial dog greeter of this office—I patrol the fourth and fifth floors every morning for visitors. I like to think of myself as the mascot for how many days I’m in the office. Favorite treat: I have a very refined palate; chicken treats will do. ‘Pet’ peeve: When dogs ignore my attempts to play.
Name: Maple Breed: Australian Shepherd Dear humans: My parents always say it’s a good thing I’m cute because I’m not the brightest Aussie they’ve ever met. I love to eat anything and everything off the ground because it’s just so tasty, but I’ll sit forever if it means I get treats. If you’re a dog, I’ll be your best friend, but my sister, Spruce, is my favorite because she’s a real-life chew toy. Favorite treat: Anything edible. ‘Pet’ peeve: Not being able to say hi to every living and breathing thing that walks by me.
Name: Lilo Parsons Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd Dear humans: I am Koda’s little (big) sister. I enjoy going for hikes, learning new tricks, playing fetch, and cuddling with my friends and family. I am only 3 months old, so I am still learning the ropes of how to behave myself. Coming to work with my dad is one of my favorite activities because the All Stars are so nice to me and a few of my dog friends are sure to be there! Favorite treat: Mud Bay Dog treats. ‘Pet’ peeve: When my parents make me sleep in my crate at night and in the car.
Name: Lucky Breed: Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier Dear humans: My favorite things in the world are treats and sleeping on my favorite humans’ laps. I’m very friendly once I get over my initial fear of the world. I’m still working on not hiding from every single dog that sniffs me. Favorite treat: I have no restrictions, give me all of the treats. ‘Pet’ peeve: Taking the bus and car rides—why can’t I just sleep at home?
Name: Blu Breed: Bernedoodle Dear humans: Hi! My name is Blu Meury and I want to be your best friend! I have a ton of energy, but I’m also a bit shy around strangers. My favorite thing in the entire world is my little brother Nico. I love to sniff him and follow him around the apartment all day. OH! And tennis balls! I love those too! Favorite treat: Cheddar cheese. ‘Pet’ peeve: Being on a leash.
Name: Zeppelin Breed: Border Collie Dear humans: I am just a young guy who recently left the shelter. My favorite song is “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin. I am still a very curious pup but love to play with everyone once I get to know them. I also love to stare at my own reflection, and I will always stop for praise and admiration from strangers on the street. Favorite treat: Cheese. ‘Pet’ peeve: That mean ol’ Jaxson.
Name: Spruce Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd Dear humans: I’m twice as small but twice as smart as the average Aussie. I’ll do anything for a treat, a game of fetch, and a new squeaky toy. I love to be comfy and my mom is the best human I’ve ever known. If I can’t find her, I panic. Favorite treat: Raw beef marrow bones. ‘Pet’ peeve: My sister, Maple.
Name: Koda Parsons Breed: Pomeranian/Chihuahua Mix (Pomchi) Dear humans: I am Lilo’s big (little) sister. I enjoy going for hikes (even though I don’t look like it), protecting my family and friends from strangers, and sleeping. I am 5 years old and was raised in a sorority house at WSU (go Cougs)! Coming to work with my dad is one of my favorite activities because I love riding the bus and walking the downtown streets. Favorite treat: Steak, I love it so much. ‘Pet’ peeve: When Lilo wants to play with me when I am not in the mood (which is usually).
Name: Breella DeVille Breed: Chihuahua Dear humans: I want to clear up any misconceptions you may have about small doggos. I’m a lover, not a fighter, and will cuddle anytime. I’m not yappy and barely bark. I’m not an ankle biter—in fact, I like to lick them if you’re not wearing socks! I love being a city dog and going on urban hikes—visiting the Belltown P-Patch and sitting by the water at Myrtle Edwards Park are two of my favorites. After a long urban hike, my beloved pastime (and the thing I’m best at) is taking long afternoon siestas. Also, senior dogs rock—I’m 10 and still have a lot of pep in my step! Favorite treat: French fries. ‘Pet’ peeve: People treating me like a dog… clearly, I’m a human!
Name: Dixie Breed: Dachshund Chihuahua Dear humans: I am a 10-year-old rescue from Colorado. I love belly rubs and cuddles all day long. I just experienced the coast for the first time and found out I love running on the beach. Favorite treat: Steak bones. ‘Pet’ peeve: Having to get out of bed in the morning, the big booms outside (thunder or fireworks), and all the rain here.

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